A selection of Nanquanu's people

Chide aka "DrOteonu"

Alle aka "Alody"

Jelle aka "Vanja"

Veerle aka "Pantalaimon"

Alexandra aka "Nativa"

Koen aka "Kip"

Arthike aka "Pulli"

Jesse aka "Tuk"

Isa aka "Oechie"

Roeleke aka "Ro"



Aka Chide Groenouwe

“As a teenager I observed that a lot of talent of my peers was not noticed, let alone supported, by school. Moreover, I saw the beauty of and the synergy between all subjects, and was appealed by the notion “homo universalis”.

As a student (engineering and math) I was blessed with several 1-to-1 relations with professors, even visiting them at home. The university as institution, however, was quite inefficient. Mostly things were explained too slowly or quickly. Students were not facilitated to share and refine learning insights or to participate in real R&D research. Subjects were hardly related to each other, society and the broader sense of life.

I hardly attended lectures. Nevertheless, I graduated cum laude, following my own approach. (Collaborative) learning and creating can be organised so much better! This inspired me to devote myself to lecturing, developing and research related to collective intelligence systems at several institutes for many years.”



Aka Alle

“I want participate in Nanquanu because it is an internet community, which focuses on the essence of every community, namely communication. Human society and human communication was the object of my study for many years. Now, I am a retired civil servant (born in 1947), still able to serve in a community. Be it as a sparring partner around ideas, be it for some practical work.

The photovar on my portrait symbolizes my passion. This is an idea to improve the communication between man and computer. My hope is that it becomes a subject for one of the coli’s in a near or a far future.”



Aka Jelle Hermsen

“With regards to technology I have always considered myself lucky. I was fortunate enough to start exploring programming from a very young age. Thanks to my 7 year older brother I learned to code in Pascal just when I was learning to write my first words in school. The idea that you can take matters in your own hand and wield the power of machines yourself never stopped amazing and pleasing me. While still in high school in the late 90’s I started programming professionally and really never stopped. After the bubble burst I went to university to take courses in computer science and math, but what struck me most were the courses on interaction design and psychological ergonomics. There’s an actual living, breathing human being in front of the computer! This convinced me that any technology should first and foremost serve human beings and collaborative intelligence is right up this alley, providing a beautiful synergy of people and machines.”



Aka Veerle van Harten

“The mission of Nanquanu to create a more creative, sustainable and fair world really inspires me. With my background in sociology I strive to contribute to this mission by help building a socio- technological system for effective recruitment and team formation. One of the things that fascinates me about Nanquanu is that it has been one of the few workplaces that doesn’t work with a closed job description, but actually forms one in collaboration with you! Furthermore, Nanquanu seems to understand that people are not merely a means of production, but that each and everyone of us is unique and we can all contribute to make the world a better place if put under the right circumstances.”



Aka Alexandra Huisman

“I am interested in a wide range of topics. However, I am primarily interested in physical and mental health issues, specifically, the way we deal with negative experiences and the consequences and impact this can have on our lives and that of others. If we know how to deal with these experiences constructively, we can transform them into chances to develop as an individual, but also as a collective. Those who study the present ecological, societal, economical and political developments on a worldwide scale, knows that humanity faces an enormous challenge. Nanquanu offers and promotes exactly what is needed so strongly: focused and intensive collaboration and collaborative learning of many creative and talented individuals for the well-being of the greater whole.”



Aka Koen Van Der Kruk

“I started hobby-programming at a young age. At school there was neither time nor expertise to guide me. This changed after joining Nanquanu’s pilot. I was first trained in the programming language Scala. This was big step forward into a new professional world. In Scala there was so much more possible; I couldn’t imagine! I had to let go of my normal thinking patterns, and get so much more creative! The thing I love most about Nanquanu’s pilot was contributing to real, big, projects. First, working on exciting and important projects is for me far more important than money. Second, you learn much faster when there is something serious you can create. I liked helping educating other workers. I want more people to benefit from Scala!” At the time of writing, Kip just started college, majoring in computer science. He is among the best students of his year, working weeks ahead of the curriculum.



Aka Arthike Kandasamy

“When I heard of Nanquanu I was very enthusiastic. Nanquanu is trying to build a multi-disciplinary “army of creativity” which is going to build new Coli-systems for all of us. Learning could be completely different using these systems. I do not understand they are not here yet, secondary school is still so old-fashioned. Young people like me already see the change coming, and can’t wait until it is here.” Next year, Pulli will start studying bio-technology at a university.



Aka Jesse Nortier

“The way Nanquanu unites learning, creation and finance is transparent, fluent and beautiful to me. I think it is an exemplary approach to the support of personal development that not only benefits the individual, but also and especially the ‘larger whole’! A lot of Nanquanu’s basic principles, in my opinion especially the aspect of ‘role fluency’, are such healthy, simple and elegant approaches to roles and hierarchy in an organisation; it amazes me they are not more widely used. Nanquanu is an initiative I gladly support, knowing that all effort (both mental and financial!) put into it is effectively emphasised by the organisation itself, due to the recursiveness of its mission!”



Aka Isa Dawie

“I come from a warm family in which the community is very important. I can’t bear if people feel bad because of my wrong- doing! Next to communication, I love technology. I was delighted that Nanquanu is striving for exactly that, creating a community that is intended to do good with technology. Within Nanquanu, I want to focus on scouting, and guiding others to acquire general working skills. I also struggled with these – and sometimes still am! I received time-management training within Nanquanu’s pilot. This was also very beneficial for my (regular) school-work! Contacts within Nanquanu are also valuable to me in general. For example, I became more aware of my daily choices, and started buying organic food, and became vegetarian. I come from a family of hard working immigrants, and finding our way in a new society is not always easy. Nanquanu-contacts helped me find high quality schooling I would not have been aware of otherwise!”



Aka Roeleke Schepers

“As long as I can remember, I had millions of questions about why we do the things in school as we do. It didn’t make any sense to me. With the new technologies available nowadays, it is possible to make huge paradigm shifts to a more effective and meaningful approach. To learn and express ourselves in our own unique way, at our own speed, in that what is in our best interest. Nanquanu is a new brilliant intelligent system that creates, facilitates and supports new learning possibilities. That excites me! It’s up to us, the collective, to redirect our focus to a world we want to live in, by helping each other grow.

There is nothing more exciting to me than discovering the possibilities in this life. To break with old paradigms and systems of limitations for the purpose of having fun and to be of service to humanity. I have a strong desire to be of service to this world according to my highest potential. I highly believe in the potential of systems like Nanquanu to make a change. I am also involved in other projects, that just as Nanquanu, help us learn and increase consciousness in new playful ways.”